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The largest of the United States Virgin Islands, this island features a perfect mix of beautiful, isolated spots, comfortable hotels, and historical city areas. While St. John draws attention for its beautiful beaches, and the bustling St. Thomas speaks to cosmopolitan couples, St. Croix offers a laidback, quiet atmosphere perfect for simply relaxing and enjoying your new life together. Two major cities offer history, sightseeing, and shopping, while the many public beaches, conveniently close to hotels, provide excellent spots for outdoor ceremonies and honeymoon fun. For couples that want a low-key ceremony surrounded by 84 square miles of natural beauty, St. Croix provides a setting unlike any other!

The beaches of St. Croix speak to many visitors planning destination weddings, and rightfully so. Large sweeps of white sand dotted in palm trees cater to a variety of tastes. Many beaches such as Mermaid and Grotto, and Shoy's sit directly in front of hotels, providing wedding parties convenient access to bathrooms, restaurants, bars, and more. Honeymoon at one of these locations afterwards, and go only a few steps out your door for a lovely day in the water with plenty of amenities at your feet! For those who prefer less populated spots, the small island of Protestant Cay sits only a ferry ride away from the shore of St. Croix. Hold your ceremony at the lone hotel, and enjoy the relative privacy of your own island! For a quiet ceremony away from any development, visitors might also consider Sandy Point (a National Wildlife Refuge) or the famous Buck Island for an intimate sunset wedding far from the busy crowds.

Plan your wedding with one of the many coordinators scattered across the island, or book one of the many hotels and take advantage of their services. Most offer customizable wedding packages, services, and coordinators so you can relax and let someone else take care of the details for you. Many different types of hotels rest in St. Croix, from comfortable family-owned establishments to private cottages, and everything in between. No huge high-rise structures dominate the beaches, however, allowing the surroundings to shine during your wedding celebration. Some couples even prefer the extra privacy of an island villa, many of which dot the shores of St. Croix with luxurious accommodations and breathtaking views.

For entertainment outside of the beaches, head to the "twin" cities of Christiansted and Frederiksted to indulge in restaurants, entertainment, and history. Choose a unique setting such as the Christiansted National Historic Site for your ceremony, or simply indulge in some honeymoon sightseeing! A number of old sugar plantations also rest on the island, some with restored great houses and grounds that make the perfect romantic site for a ceremony. Filled with history from a time long-gone, wandering these locations gives a sense of the past culture and industry of St. Croix.

Regardless of where you choose to hold you ceremony, reception, or honeymoon, a number of great destination wedding venues and sweeping views reside right on the island of St. Croix. With several hotels right on the beach, visitors can find a wedding coordinator to plan for them and simply relax, enjoying the natural beauty of the Caribbean. Villas, churches, national parks, and gardens encompass just a few of your other options when you choose to marry on St. Croix - find the perfect location for you, and begin your life together in the middle of paradise!

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