St.Croix Virgin Islands - Online Travel Guide

Home of the original St.Croix Hook so popular today! Located on Company St. in historic Christiansted, Sonya Ltd. has been producing handcrafted fine jewelry for over 40 years.

Royal Jewelers
Royal Jewelers was started in 1958 in Christiansted, St. Croix in the US Virgin Islands. Originally, the business flourished as a duty-free retailer of fine china and collectible porcelain. Royal Jewelers has continued to thrive and multiply.

St. Croix Bracelet Company
The St. Croix Bracelet Company is the name to know and trust with the most sought-after Traditional Hook Bracelets and Caribbean Hook Design Bracelets in the Caribbean. They also carry Spanish Treasure coin jewelry.

Crucian Gold
Uniquely handcrafted, artful jewelry pieces. Creatively designed in gold and silver, each Crucian Gold jewelry piece reflects the islands captivating charm. Tying knots of Gold and Silver has become Crucian Gold's signature, as you'll find on the

I B Designs
IB Designs is a magical jewelry studio on St. Croix that showcases artist/metalsmith Whealan Massicott's distinctive handcrafted designs in sterling silver, 14K and 18K gold. Future heirlooms!

Tradewinds Shop
Tradewinds Shop - shops the world, the brings it all back to you online and in store. Check us out, you will always find a most unusual collection of practical, usefull, and beautiful things.

Nelthropp & Low Diamonds and Fine Jewelry
Nelthropp & Low is well known for their cruzan bracelets and island motif designs handmade by talented local artisans in our own shop. Custom design & repair services offered.

The minute you enter Jewelweed's shop, you know you are in good hands. Owner and jewelry designer Anita Shultz and her friendly staff have created a luxurious and welcoming atmosphere.

Gems Direct
As our name indicates, at Gems Direct, we specialize in precious & semi precious stones-genuine diamonds, gems, opals and pearls from around the globe. Custom design by owner Nicole Gariepy.

Silver Angel
If you appreciate handmade sterling silver jewelry, heaven on earth awaits you at Silver Angel. When it comes to good things coming in small packages, Silver Angel is living proof that an old adage can possess a timeless quality.

Panache Jewelry
With over 15 years of fine jewelry experience, Kevin Banani established Panache Jewelers in 2009 to meet the needs of the St Croix customer--fine jewelry inspired by romance, passion, and the beauty of the Virgin Islands.

Journey of Life, Earth and Sea
Artist and owner, Liz Tylecki, once a fashion designer , now resides on St. Croix. She concentrates on ocean inspired one-of-a-kind wearable sterling art creations, set with precious and semi-precious gemstones. Visit her table when a ship in dock.

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