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Altona Baptist Church

Phone: 340-778-1331

Bethel AME Church

Phone: 340-773-5620

Bethel Seventh Day Adventist Church

Phone: 340-692-0888

Beulah AME Zion Church

Phone: 340-778-8050

Blessed Peter Donder's

Phone: 340-692-9999

Calvary Baptist Church

Phone: 340-778-1014

Central Seventh Day Adventist Church

Phone: 340-692-2437

Christiansted Assembly of God

Phone: 340-773-6105

Church of Christ

Phone: 340-772-1255

Church of God Holiness

Phone: 340-773-8740

The Church of God Prophecy

Phone: 340-778-8924

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

Phone: 340-773-5188

Church of the Nazarene

Phone: 340-773-4054

Community Baptist Church

Phone: 340-778-1121

Deporter, A.W. Rev.

Phone: 340-692-2748

Frederiksted Assembly of God

Phone: 340-772-4912

Faith Deliverance Church of God

Phone: 340-772-2440

Faith SDA Church

Phone: 340-772-2520

First Assembly of God

Phone: 340-773-6105

First Southern Baptist Church of St. Croix

Phone: 340-778-6768

Frederiksted Assembly of God

Phone: 340-772-4912

Frederiksted Baptist Church

Phone: 340-772-2920

Free Will Baptist Church

Phone: 340-778-8065

Friedensberg Moravian Church

Phone: 340-772-0268

Friedensthal Moravian Church

Phone: 340-773-1217

Grace Baptist Central Church

Phone: 340-692-2516

Holy Cross Catholic Church

Phone: 340-773-7564

Holy Cross Episcopal Church

Phone: 340-778-3272

Holy Ghost Deliverance Ministry, Inc.

Phone: 340-778-8087

House of Prayer Ministry, Inc.

Phone: 340-773-7196

Iglesia De Dios Pentecostal

Phone: 340-778-3635

Iglesia De Dios Pentecostal Mission

Phone: 340-772-0709

Iglesia El Triunfo

Phone: 340-778-3618

Iglesia Hermanos Unidos En Cristo Alpha Omega

Phone: 340-778-9608

Iglesia Metodista Unida Hispana De Santa Cruz

Phone: 340-773-5144

Island Baptist Church

Phone: 340-772-1288

Jehovah's Witnesses

Phone: 340-772-4117

Life & Light Apostolic Assembly

Phone: 340-778-3343

Lutheran Church Lord God of Sabaoth

Phone: 340-773-1320

Medford AME Zion Church

Phone: 340-773-6331

The Methodist Church

Phone: 340-773-4546

Miracle Revival Church

Phone: 340-773-5348

Moravian Christian Education Office

Phone: 340-772-0919

Moravian Church

Phone: 340-778-2524

More Than Conqueror

Phone: 340-778-4834

Muckle Memorial Baptist Church

Phone: 340-773-5990

New Life Covenant Ministries

Phone: 340-778-7040

New Testament Church of God

Phone: 340-772-1658

North Caribbean Conference

Phone: 340-778-6589

Peters Rest Seventh Day Adventist Church

Phone: 340-773-4564

St. Ann's Catholic Church

Phone: 340-778-0484

The St. Croix Reformed Church

Phone: 340-778-0520

St. John's Angelican Church

Phone: 340-778-8221

St. Joseph Church

Phone: 340-692-2005

St. Luke AME Church

Phone: 340-692-2285

St. Patrick's Church

Phone: 340-772-5052

St. Patrick's Catholic Church

Phone: 340-772-0138

St. Paul's Episcopal Anglican

Phone: 340-772-2979

St. Paul's Episcopal Anglican Church

Phone: 340-772-0818

St. Paul's Rectory Church

Phone: 340-772-3031

St. Peter's Episcopal Church

Phone: 340-778-6471

The Salvation Army

Phone: 340-773-6162

Seventh Day Adventist Church

Phone: 340-773-1822

Seventh Day Adventist School

Phone: 340-773-6350

7th Day Adventist Spanish

Phone: 340-778-5880

Southgate Baptist Church

Phone: 340-773-2988

Sunny Isles Baptist Church

Phone: 340-773-4406

The Bible Church of Christ

Phone: 340-778-1002

Wesleyan Holiness Church - Beeston Hill Wesleyan

Phone: 340-773-1017

Wesleyan Holiness Church - Midland Wesleyan

Phone: 340-778-5788

Wesleyan Holiness Church - Frederiksted Wesleyan

Phone: 340-772-3705

Wesleyan Holiness Church - Trinity Wesleyan Christiansted

Phone: 340-773-8335

The Total Body

Phone: 340-773-8170

Trinity Wesleyan Holiness

Phone: 340-773-8335

Way of the Cross Baptiste Church

Phone: 340-773-7776

Wesleyan Holiness Church

Phone: 340-713-9637

Witnesses for Christ Apostolic

Phone: 340-778-3006

Temple B'nai Or

City: Hermon Hill
Phone: 340-773-1224

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